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The Chute Company is your specialist in chute system construction and repair.
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The Chute Company engineers are experts in designing any type of chute for
any building. New builds or remodels – we can build you a fully-integrated solution.
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Professional Chute System Installation

Multi-family residential dwelling structures require trash and recycling chute systems that can reliably handle garbage and other refuse for the lifetime of the structure. Our modern refuse chute disposal systems are designed to provide worry-free operation and low maintenance requirements. Construction services we offer:

  • Trash & Recycling chute installation and repair
  • Certified chute intake door installation
  • Chute-to-Compactor garbage system integration
  • Our chutes are fully compliant with building/fire code, and safe
  • We handle new construction, retrofits, rip-outs, and remodel projects
  • Luxury and high-tech automatic chute operation configurations available
  • Emergency chute repairwe fix broken chutes
  • Something else? We're the chute experts – Get in touch today.

Whether your project is a new construction, a remodel, or an emergency – please get in touch with us today for a professional consultation.

We provide Wilkinson High Rise chute systems.
Certified Professional Installer

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Does Your Chute Stink?

Professional Chute Cleaning in Nashville, TN

Get rid of nasty odors! — Eliminate flies and rodents!
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Build Quality & Materials Matter

We Construct Compliant Chute Systems

All of our trash and linen chutes and waste systems are built to the following material and installation standards.

National Fire Protection Association

  • NFPA 70
    National Electric Code
  • NFPA 80
    Fire Doors & Windows
  • NFPA 82
    Incinerators, Waste & Linen
    Handling Systems & Equipment
  • NFPA 90A
    Installation of Ventilating Systems
  • NFPA 101
    Life Safety
  • NFPA 13
    Fire Sprinklers

American Society for Testing & Materials

  • ASTM A123/A123M
    Hot-Dip Galvanized Zinc Coatings
  • ASTM A176
    Stainless & Heat-Resistance
    Chromium Steel (Plate, Sheet, Strip)
  • ASTM A240
    Chromium & Chromium-Nickel
    Stainless Steel Plate
  • ASTM A463
    Steel Sheet, Cold Rolled Aluminum
    Type 1 & Type 2
  • ASTM A653/A653M
    Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated
    Galvanized, Commercial-Quality

Your #1 source for both cost-compliant & high-end luxury chute systems.

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Our mission is to revolutionize the way our culture addresses the spread of infectious diseases by developing cutting-edge strategies to address our most pressing challenges while ensuring sustainable growth for our company. The Chute Company has the capability to handle any trash or recycling chute, or linen delivery system. Expert services that we offer include: trash chute cleaning, compactor cleaning and garbage refuse system cleaning and service, trash shoot cleaning, trash chute unclogging, trash or linen chute construction and installation, chute system repair and service, trash chute inspections, and trash and linen chute intake door projects; no task is outside our scope. Our core values demand our full respect for the customer; we strive to exceed your highest expectations.

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