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Risks of a Poorly Managed Chute System

By Raccoon LawyerRaccoon Lawyer

Safe chute systems are built precisely to adhere to a set of building code standards that have been thought-out and tested. Compliant chute systems have been deliberately engineered to take into consideration safety factors such as human, fire, and biological.

  • Fire Safety – A modern chute must automatically fail safe in the event of a fire. Modern chute systems are built with safeguards which quickly inhibit the growth of any fire that starts at the bottom of the chute. This is achieved with a combination of active and passive safety features.
  • Human Factor – Compliant chute systems are built with both user and maintainer safety in mind. This includes the utilization of compliant intake doors to make entry harder and automatic interlocking systems to keep maintenance personnel safe.
  • Cleanliness – Discourage pathogen spread, insect and rodent occupation, and lingering smells that result from garbage residue lining the compactor and chute. Odor-free chutes are also resistant to fire, as grime built up inside a dirty chute can burn.

Liability concerns about the safety of your chute system? Don't let an unforeseen adverse event turn into a human and legal disaster. Eliminate any concerns about code compliance today – get in touch with our experts for a consultation.

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