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Temporary Debris Chutes Rental

Heavy Duty Debris Disposal Systems For Construction & Renovation

Debris Chutes for Construction & Renovation

We engineer temporary chute solutions for any project, of any height.

  • OSHA & IBC Compliant – User-Safe Design
  • Solid High Density Polyethylene Construction
  • Intakes on Any Level – We Have Roof Hoppers
  • We Handle Shipment, Setup, & Teardown
  • Sidewalk-Safe Pedestrian Walkways Available

Chute systems for construction projects must be built sturdy – able to withstand the abuse of heavy and sharp material discharged into it with force. Our turn-key temporary chute solution provides your demolition and construction crews with a safe and convenient disposal method to any level of any building project.

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Looking for a permanent solution? We engineer permanent, professional-quality, building-compliant and state-of-the-art chute solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects of any use requirement, height and size.

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The Chute Company recommends frequent cleaning appointments to maintain a hygenic and odor-free system.

How frequent should your chute, trash room, and compactor be cleaned?
Hundreds of garbage bags go down most mid-rise residential chutes every week!
Stinky, garbage-grime lined trash systems attract flies and rodents!
Not only are they gross – a dirty chute presents a fire hazard.
20 floors +
High rises, dormatories, senior homes, hospitals
6 – 19 floors
Most modern mid-rise building managers choose this
1 to 5 floors
Low density / use residential & commercial
We recommend monthly  Space Foamtreatment for Quarterly and Semi-Annual customers!
Quarterly service or more frequent is recommended to maintain a safe and hygenic chute system.
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Industry Digest

Excerpt From Our In-House Professionals

The Dog & Cat Bag Problem

By Spacey RaccoonSpacey Raccoon

Building managers that accommodate for domesticated dogs and cats that dwell within a medium or high-rise structure should be aware of the impacts of allowing waste from these animals to be discarded into the chute.

After reaching terminal velocity, bags of either variety will explode on impact with the dumpster or compactor at the bottom of the chute, rapidly sending the contents in every direction. Large bags of cat litter can impact bends in the chute column which can cause a tear. Torn chutes will quickly leak trash, clog at the tear, and cause trash odor to escape. Dog poop bags can impact behind the compactor crush cavity and become lodged in the machinery, causing a "megasmell" of both trash and animal waste to emanate from the system.

We advise that all managers prohibit improper disposal of these items into the trash chute intake doors. For those affected, our High Pressure Steam Blast™ service eliminates this duality of grime from any system. Let us do the dirty work – contact us today for a consultation.

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