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First Party - How We Use Your Data

The Chute Company respects your privacy and values your business as a customer. We do not sell or otherwise curate the personal information you submit with the intent to share with any third party. Submitted information will be used internally to improve our performance in the markets that we serve. Analytics are used across our web presence to help us understand the general audience using the site. Links that you follow may use non-personal tracking information that helps us understand our campaigns.

Third Party Terms & Conditions

Information submitted to Live Chat is subject to their privacy clauses, if you use the chat feature on our site. Payments submitted are subject to the privacy policies of either Stripe, and/or Apple, depending on the method of payment chosen. Your browser may reveal identifiable information about you, which is made available Google Analytics and subject to their terms and practices.

Cookies & Local Data

We may set a cookie (small amount of encoded or unencoded data) in your browser when you are using certain features of the site solely for the purpose of achieving intended functionality. Third party cookies may be used when interacting with certain elements included on this site. Analytics are provided by Google which may use a cookie to track you.

Session storage (local to your device, browser, the applicable domain, and session) may be used on your browser to enhance the convienence of forms that you submit data through. Financial data or otherwise sensitive information is never included when utilizing this functionality.

Your data is not cached or stored on the webserver.

SMS Policy / Opt In / Opt Out Information

The Chute Company respects your privacy and will not use your phone number for spam or any other method of contact other than to inform you of upcoming appointments and other matters immediately related to work. When you choose to text us voluntarily at our toll-free number (833-724-8837), you agree to opt in only to receive replies from a live agent; you will not be enrolled (opted in) in any type of campaign in doing so. In the course of doing normal business, certain team leaders may contact you to coordinate in the context of business, and you will be sent notices about upcoming appointments (customers are opted in to receive these automated scheduling messages automatically.) You may opt out of these automated scheduling text messages by replying STOP.

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