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Multi-Family Composting FAQ

Does my locality require compost handling by code?

Not every locality requires bulk composting, but many large cities are beginning to adopt this ordinance. Check the bylaws of your local jurisdiction to be sure. Regardless of the law, consider including or implementing a compost handling system in your multi-family assets to provide a luxury benefit for those conscientious toward composting, and to be pre-compliant with any future code.

Do I need an entirely new chute?

No, but it is recommended that a separate chute be installed for composting organic material if your building plans have the space. We recommend automatic trash/compost sorting system retrofits for a premium solution, and thru-wall compost sleeves for budget systems.

What retrofit options are available for existing structures?

Several options, from low budget to premium, are available to handle this problem. Sorters will provide a low-intrusion, premium solution. First-floor thru-wall compost sleeves are a customer favorite for retrofits on a budget. Entirely separate chute installations or bisorters are recommended for new buildings.

I have two sets of chutes accessible for each floor. Can I just swap out one of the recycling chutes for a compost chute?

We don't recommend this unless for very low volume complexes. Only having one chute each for recycling and organic material means that you'll face a high rotation rate with an increase risk of clogs. At minimum consider a thru-wall sleeve for handling compost instead.

What materials are typically permitted to be discarded in a compost chute?

Typically, only solid organic material limited to food and plant matter should be discarded in a compost chute. This excludes organic liquids, oils, and canine and feline waste.

How can we help?

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  • Solutions for All Buildings & Budgets
  • Antimicrobial Odor Mitigation
  • New & Retrofit Construction Integrations
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Compost Code Compliance

By Deputy StripesDeputy Stripes

Jurisdictions all throughout the country are implementing composting regulations which require single-family and multi-family residences, and commercial operations, to utilize a composting system for discarded organic food material. These wide scope policies affect all the aforementioned operations.

The Chute Company provides professional guidance and turn-key system improvements, along with code-compliant and fire-safe new construction. We're professionals in helping your property become compliant, with:

  • Multi-Sorting Technology – Utilize existing chute systems with a retrofit which enables a user to select Garbage or Compost prior to using one single chute. A sorting device at the bottom of the chute then sends the waste to the selected destination.
  • New Chute Installations – Building a separate compost chute into a new multi-family or commercial construction build is an economical initial investment. If there is space within an existing chute column for an additional chute, we can facilitate a retrofit upgrade to an existing building within the existing system that looks just like the rest of your system.
  • First-Floor Compost Solutions – We have low-budget, less convenient options for discarding compost waste that will bring your waste system into code. These solutions are good options for existing structures that do not have the room for a retrofit or budget for a sorter.

Give us a call to explore all the options for the property that you own or manage – our professionals are standing by.

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