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Jammed or Clogged Chute?

Is your trash compactor jammed, causing a backup in the trash chute eleven stories tall? Got stuff in there from dormitory wild parties where items are thrown down the chute by frat boys?

The Chute Company has the proven experience to clear any clogged chute and unjam the compactor – returning the system to operational status within hours.

We recommend a full High Pressure Steam Blast™ cleaning service for any system that sees a clog – trash juices mixed from different bags inside a clogged chute can coat the chute lining with stinky grime.

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The Chute Company offers a premium solution for a durable, fireproof chute system.

The chute systems we install are fully ASME certified and code compliant. Each chute system we design is specifically for your application and is certified by a Professional Engineer to ensure optimum safety and disposal efficiency.

We ensure your building meets National Building Code and Fire Protection standards. We design new chute systems for new construction and modify older chute designs. If your building is old and is in need of renovations, The Chute Company can help with that! Many of our clients own and operate older buildings that cannot keep up with the garbage loads of modern high-density living.

Fire Code Compliance

The Chute Company chute systems are engineered to National Fire Code with a minimum fire rating of 1.5 hours. Our systems are designed to ASME standards and built out of heavy duty durable alloy steel to resist impact damage. The systems we install are insurable and built to last for the life of the building.

If you are concerned that your existing chute is out of compliance, get in touch for a consultation.

Does Your Chute Stink?

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The Chute Company recommends frequent cleaning appointments to maintain a hygenic and odor-free system. Providing the below information will help us accurately keep track of your property from quote to completion. If you have multiple properties, please contact us directly via phone or live chat.

How frequent should your chute, trash room, and compactor be cleaned?
Stinky, garbage-grime lined trash systems attract flies and rodents!
1000+ garbage bags go down most mid-rise residential chutes a week!
20 floors +
High rises, dormatories, senior homes, hospitals
4 – 20 floors
Most modern mid-rise building managers choose this
1 to 5 floors
Recommended for low density buildings and commercial
We recommend monthly  Space Foamtreatment for Quarterly and Semi-Annual customers!
Quarterly service or more frequent is recommended to maintain a safe and hygenic chute system.

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