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Professional Chute Cleaning

Does your chute stink? ™

Busy holiday? Clogged chute with trash backed up 11 stories?
Problems with flies and rodents? We'll make that chute like brand new.

Need that extra lasting freshness?

Have us visit on a regular basis for Space Foam Antimicrobial Odor Control ™.
Eliminate pathogens and ensure that your chutes remain fresh and fly free.

Enterprise RapidResponse™ – Perfect for Asset Firms

We're already registered with a number of major property management companies.
No matter the urgency, our company is qualified and prepared to help.

We're a full-service chute company.

Our capabilities extend beyond just cleaning, sanitizating and repair.
We refurbish out-of-code chutes systems and facilitate new construction.
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#1 Chute Cleaners in Your Area

1000 hands touch your trash chute daily.

  • We deliver a continuous High Pressure Steam Blast™ directly to the messiest spots in your chute system, blowing away residue and grime.
  • We clean all the trash chute doors and handles.
  • Space Foam Antimicrobial Odor Control™ means you'll never have a dirty chute again.

Our specialized equipment delivers a continuous High Pressure Steam Blast™ directly to the messiest spots in your chute system, blowing away residue and grime in an efficient manner.

Coast to Coast

USA & Canada

Does Your Chute Stink?

We get the job done fast! Nationwide Service! Enterprise Friendly! You Can Text Us Too! Call 833-7CHUTES

Trash Chute Cleaning

No more complaints from smelly trash rooms!

Rats around the chute? We'll remove em!

Clogged chute? No problem!

The cleanest room in your building NEEDS to be the Trash Room.

Stay Fresh With Space Foam

The Chute Company provides monthly trash chute odor control with our Space Foam™!

Chemically engineered to penetrate the worst of trash receptical surfaces and leave a fresh flower scent that lasts up to 30 days.

Kills bacteria, and viruses on contact!

Busy chutes – we recommend monthly Space Foam Antimicrobial Odor Control™ service.

Any Chute, Anywhere

The Chute Company services the United States & Canada.

No Switcharoo!It's Our Crew on the Jobsite!

Enterprise Friendly!

Doesn't Matter How Tall Your Building Is

Call for Clogged Chutes & Compactors

Fully Insured & Vendor System Integrated

Stay Fresh with Space FoamTM

Save Big with Monthly Cleaning

Schedule Today – Rush Available

Get Your Chutes Cleaned – Get a Quote Today
Keep Your Occupants Safe
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The Chute Company is a Full Service Chute Provider

Routine Cleaning, Sanitizing & Odor Control

New Chute Installation & Old System Refurbishment

We Service & Repair Broken Chutes, Compactors & Garbage Systems

Got a broken trash chute door? Lock and safety issues? We'll fix it!

Turn-Key: Cleaning, Construction, Maintenance, Service & Repair

More About Our Service Capabilities

Enterprise RapidResponse™

The Chute Company offers full Turn-Key chute maintenance & service solutions for organizations of any portfolio size.

Solutions for Property Management Firms

Enterprise RapidResponse™ customers benefit from priority scheduling, easier pricing, and free routine inspections. The Chute Company is fully insured and already registered with a number of property management companies (maybe even yours) – speeding up the onboarding process to get the job done. We're prepared to work within the requirements of any property management firm.

Benefits of Enterprise RapidResponse™

  • Routine cleaning & sanitizing
  • Priority service scheduling
  • No rush fees (Silver level & up)
  • Proportional bulk pricing
  • Contract payment plan discounts
  • Bonus Space Foam™ & mosquito control
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Does Your Chute Stink?™
Call 833-7CHUTES

Chute Cleaning/Service Quote Request Form

We are available for 24 hour rush emergency response – just give us a call.

The Chute Company recommends frequent cleaning appointments to maintain a hygenic and odor-free system. Providing the below information will help us accurately keep track of your property from quote to completion. If you have multiple properties, please contact us directly via phone or live chat.

How frequent should your chute, trash room, and compactor be cleaned?
Stinky, garbage-grime lined trash systems attract flies and rodents!
1000+ garbage bags go down most mid-rise residential chutes a week!
20 floors +
High rises, dormatories, senior homes, hospitals
4 – 20 floors
Most modern mid-rise building managers choose this
1 to 5 floors
Recommended for low density buildings and commercial
We recommend monthly  Space Foamtreatment for Quarterly and Semi-Annual customers!
Quarterly service or more frequent is recommended to maintain a safe and hygenic chute system.

Select a Cleaning or Service Frequency

What kind of chutes do you need serviced?

We service any type of chute. Select all that apply.

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